It was about time that I stuck my head down and learned how to build the apps I’ve been wanting to use.

I’m not sure what has been going on the last few months but I  have found myself continually complaining about apps that I felt were either over-engineered or just a pile of garbage.

For example: I want a simple reminder app – and given that it seems most first time app developers start with something like a reminder app, you’d think there would be one out there for me.

Maybe there is, but I can’t find one!

So I’m sucking it up and learning Swift 2.0.

How I’m teaching myself

I’m using various resources to learn app development, it’s better to use more than one source to learn anything new and this is no different.

Freshen up on code

Resource 1 : We ❤️ Swift

They have a great introduction to Swift. In fact it is a great introduction to coding in general. I am familiar code so I’m not completely cold coming into this but their resources are a great way to freshen up on things I had forgotten.

Main course

Resource 2 : Rob Percival on Udemy

Rob Percival has a great ios9 Swift2.0 course on Udemy . I’m about a third of my way through the course now and things are just starting to get deeper into developing actual apps. I really recommend this course – Rob takes you through everything but also, importantly, encourages you to take what you have learned and go try out what he is planning to do in his lecture before he goes through it. Sometimes you just need a prompt to do things for yourself and it is nice to know that if you get stuck you can just come back and watch his videos and get caught up.

What’s the plan bud

Well I’m glad you asked, you did ask didn’t you? No? Ok, never mind — I’m telling you anyway.

Like I said, I’m going to start with a notification/reminder app, it won’t have any special features and thats not because of lack of ability but it is by design. I want something straightforward and quick.

I’m also thinking of creating a nice alarm. Look, I know what you are thinking – Drafts, these are basic apps and the app store is flooded with them already – we hardly need someone else adding to that.

Possibly. But I’m doing it anyway, gotta start somewhere right? (preliminary screens below)